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[QUOTE=MainMan67]For some reason, this thread hits very close to home with me so I think I will help jack112 out here and set some things straight. First of all, a good friend of mine dated a stripper for almost a year until she moved away. She was a very nice person, funny, attractive and I found myself liking her a lot. She was not a lesser person because of what she did, she was not a bad person nor did my friend have any hard times with her. I think that the above post is making all stripers look like bad people and all people that date them look like scum, this is not true at all. I do not think jack is ďnaiveĒ because he asked a girl out. Nor should he have any shame in dating one.

How do you know that jack112 would be really jealous? He asked her out didnít he? I donít think I would be able to do that. I have to honestly ask, why would dating a stripper be any different than dating any other girl. Just because they act sexy in a club does not mean that they do not go home and have a social life that has nothing to do with striping.

My friend met the striper the same way Jack112 did.. (however she called him rather quickly) and again, they dated for a long time. I have never liked it when people talk down about strippers like they are second rate citizens. They have fun on the weekends just like all of us and should be treated as such. This is my two cents on the matter.

Jack, If I were you I would call her again on the weekend and leave your message. Donít go back to the club for at least another two weeks or so. Then I would ask her what kind of game she is playing. It is not unreasonable to ask. She will either tell you (and set a time to meet in stone) or she will give a lame excuse. If she does that, then just leave her alone.

I wish you the best of luck.[/QUOTE]

Dating a stripper---a universal male fantasy, almost as popular as dating a lesbian-- :D Hardly ever works in reality. But dream on, I don't mind. A stripper can be a nice person, I didn't say all strippers are bad people at all. But dating a woman who is currently a stripper would pose a lot of challenges to the relationship. Ok, let's ask the author of this post himself: Jack, do you think you would not get jealous knowing your girlfriend shows her assetts to tons of sleazy men every night and gets constantly hit on men in a strip club? Be honest with yourself. Would that not bother you? Would that not bother you that she gives lap dances to strange men for money? I think it would bother me if I were a guy. And yes, in my, personal only, view, a stripper IS taking the easy way out and that does say something about her character as well. To me, stripping for money is only a step below prostitution. There are other jobs available that might not pay as much but you can still support yourself and not have to deal with disgusting men oggling your private parts and drooling over you. Ok, I've said my part and you can take it or leave it. I'm not some prude, but that is just my opinion.

Anyway, Jack, if you think that you can really handle dating a stripper, then go for it, give her another call, and if she still ignores you, take that as a sign she's not interested. And please, I urge you DO NOT go there and confront her about not returning your phonecall. That would be the dumbest thing you could ever do, and yes, you would probably end up talking directly to the bouncer. NOT a pleasant conversation, I'm sure :D

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