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[QUOTE=eightball61]But the damage was done then. He kissed one girl and comfronted you about it. To me that is not as bad as what you put him through during that time. If you felt neglected at that time then you communicate your feelings. You don't go cheat because it only makes it worse then better.[/QUOTE]

:bouncing: Thank you eightball for eloquently saying what I would have um, not-so-nicely said! :bouncing: have some real nerve!! Especially to follow up your "Sure, I cheated.....[B]BUT[/B] So, it's fine and dandy that you slept with one guy and kissed how many?!?! Just because boyfriend was not doing exactly as you would have him do?! You are quite an insecure girl, hon. And I find it very strange that you are so controlling. I'm sorry, but YOUR cheating and YOUR flaws are what seem to have destined this relationship for failure. You deserve whatever infidelity he dishes out, in my opinion.
WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! You have said it all and so very well may I add.
Great Post :bouncing:

[QUOTE=newlywedgurl]No, Alexandra....

It takes STRENGTH to be faithful and NOT cheat.

It takes STRENGTH to be honest enough with yourself and your significant other to admit when the relationship is more harmful than healthy.

It takes STRENGTH to work on your SELF and your OWN self-esteem rather than pairing up with someone you believe is "below" you just to preserve your own fragile idea of self-worth.

It takes STRENGTH (and self-control) to not belittle others or to inflate your own ego at someone else's expense.

And it takes STRENGTH (not to mention personal intergrity and strong character) to admit that you were wrong.

As for the "scared little lazy kid" comment.....I sure hope that you do not speak to your boyfriend the way that you speak ABOUT him. I, for one, do not understand why he has put up with your demeaning, self-important attitude for this long. And you are 29?! I don't believe it.[/QUOTE]

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