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Well, hindsight is always 20/20 so I won't hit you over the head with what you SHOULD have done, at least not right off the bat!! If it were me, I'd just keep ignoring his calls. Soon he'll get the message. If he shows up at your place, be very firm and unwavering. Write out what you'll say to him just in case so you'll be prepared. DON"T let him in. Tell him you are not interested and tell him to leave you alone. If he doesn't, get a restraining order against him. Perhaps you may consider changing your phone number and make it unlisted. But I'd wait a while before doing that. He may stop on his own. If he's persistant, changing your number may only make him come in person. It's hard to read people like this and it's hard to anticipate what they will do. Jst be safe, keep yor eyes and ears open when leaving and coming into your apartment and place of work. Be in code yellow and you may even want to ask some of your neighbors to keep a look out for this guy.

NOW... if I may offer some tips that you can use in the future to seriously lower the risks of this happening again. If you make these hard and fast rules that you always follow, you won't have to wonder "what should I do?" You'll already know. And a truly decent, honorable man will understand what single women have to deal with today and will understand that a girl has to be careful and will respect it. First of all, NEVER, EVER EVER drink to the point of being drunk or even tipsy around men you don't really know really really well. On first dates, always take your own car, and stay sober so you'll be able to drive it. Next, never go into a house, apartment, any dwelling where you are alone with him. If he says he has to change, since you both met at the bar, he should have been able to go do whatever he had to do and you meet him at the next place. If he's too drunk to drive, call him a cab, send him home and call it a night. If you had been sober, you could have done a better job at paying attention on how to get out of the apartment complex and you would not have been at his mercy and being forced to stay with him overnight. Worst case, you could have waited in your car while he changed. If the guy keeps insisting you come up, then that's a good indication he has something other than changing on his mind. You should not have to put up with a strange man molesting you all night. Another tip that my mother taught me 20 years ago, and more young women would do well to follow it what with date rape drugs a-plenty out there today: NEVER EVER EVER leave your drink unattended. If he brings you a drink, don't drink it. ONLY drink drinks that you yourself see go straight from the waitress' or bartender's hand to your own. If you have to go to the bathroom, take your drink with you. If you go out on the dance floor and leave your drink, get another one when you come back. My brother's ex girlfriend, when she was younger, went to a bar with a friend and some guy who seemed nice and was chatting them up brought them drinks, and then offered to drive them home. They refused, and halfway home, they both got sick and had to pull over to puke, and even though they had different drinks, they both threw up this strange, yellowish foam. He had obviously slipped something into their drinks. You NEVER NEVER know what kind of man will do this. You can't tell a nice guy just by looking at him or by making small talk for a few minutes. It sounds like a lot of the problems that you experienced that night stemmed from the fact that you got drunk. I don't mean to blame the victim here, this guy is obviously totally out of line, but your getting drunk just makes it so much easier for guys to take advantage. Rule number one of dating: don't depend on the guy to take care of you. Watch your own a$$, and you'll be fine. You must keep your wits about you, and you can't do that if you're drunk. If the guy is put off by your following these rules and taking care of yourself, he most likely wasn't worth hanging onto in the first place.

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