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Does he do this with your other friends or just this one? Reason for my question is my ex used to alienate my friends, everyone I had he found a reason not to like them. If that is not the case, then they may not like each other- but if they both care about you then they should settle their differences for your sake and not bash each other to you.

[QUOTE=Jessthemess]I love my boyfriend, love my best friend, they love me back...they [I]hate[/I] each other! To make a long story short, my boyfriend thinks my best friend is a gin soaked tramp(his words :rolleyes: ) and she thinks he's a stick in the mud mama's boy :D . I will admit, my friend is a little wild, but she's fairly responsible(she's held the same job for years, goes to school, blah blah). Neither one has ever asked me to choose, so thats not the problem. I'm just fed up with being tugged in two directions! Not only that, but they complain about each other non-stop. Does anyone else ever have to deal with this little battle?[/QUOTE]

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