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Like the last post, this is about my ex. I have posted about the situation before and there is more to tell now and I am badly in need of some advice. My girlfriend of over 2 yrs broke up with me 5 months ago supposidely to get back with her ex, which I heard never really happened. We were back and forth for about a month and then no contact for a month. Then we saw each other about 2 months ago and had sex. Since then we have had little contact. Then a week ago she called me and left a voicemail and sounded upset. She said she really wanted to talk to me, etc. I did not have my phone on for a week so i didnt get the message until 5 days later. Then two days ago she calls me and asks me to hang out. I meet her and we talk, hug, and make out. Then last night she calls me again. I meet up with her and her friends at a bar and everything seemed fine until she asked me to make out with her in front of some co-workers of mine to makke them jealous.I told her it wasnt appropriate since we weren't even together. She got mad and left with her friends. I dont think solely because of that reason. Then two hrs later i went to a party and see her ex at her house! Are you kidding me?? I love her so much and thought maybe we might be slowly trying to recindle our relationship. I just dont know what to think. Should i call her and see what the deal is or just accept that i mean nothing to her and i should just move on. I have such strong feelings for this girl. She was my first love and i cant imagine being with anyone else. I have tried so hard to get over her and it doesnt work. I am so depressed about this situation and so confused. What should I do??

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