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I certainly didn't think I would get this kind of a response from women feeling to the T how I felt. But one difference is, I kiss his butt. I have supper on the table for him when he comes through the door. I rub his feet, his back and even try and stroke his ego when I get the chance. I am the initiator when it comes to that special moment that we have alone. I keep the house clean, do his laundry, dishes, take care of the kids with never and I do stress never a moment with a babysitter, so I can have time to myself. I just ask my hubby to take care of them one night a year, so me and my sisters can go out. I don't have any friends any more. After the affair, I changed my whole life around, the people that could influence my life, are no longer in it. The places I used to go, I stay away from. I have made this man and our children, my life. I don't nag him, and really, I have never been a big talker. We traveled to Texas one year, and I think the whole 12 hour trip, we spoke maybe 30 minutes. I think those were the times he was asking me what the next exit was, and if I was hungry, or needed to pee. I think I am a pretty good wife. So why when I do need to talk, rather it be that time of the month and I am emotional, or if we need to plan next years vacation, why does he not speak? Insted, he gives me the coldest shoulder I have ever had. I don't get the cards for Valentines Day, or any other holiday either. No special Anniversary outings. We have been together for 20 years and it is getting so so bad! But Jeff, I thank you so much for the advice, I will be trying it. I'll let you know if things change. But I still don't have an answer to the question, what are we doing wrong. By the way, if you are thinking maybe I should stop doing so much and see if he notices. Been there done that and........NOTHING. What do you think, hopeless huh. :( Computris2

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