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[QUOTE=Veggie_chick]why do you always travel in groups??!!! haha

Just this weekend I saw 2 guys I was very attracted to but they were with about 4 friends and there was NO way I was going to walk up to a guy in a group and hit on him!! I may be bold but not THAT bold.

Try walking around alone sometimes.[/QUOTE]

I can't speak for every every man but I know where you are coming from with this. :rolleyes: When I used to go out one of my friend could never understand my theory on why I hung out alone and thats why. I would travel as a group to a club but once I get there I ditch them.

It just makes a girl feel more comfortable to talk to a guy alone rather than 6 starving hornbags. Anyway, my friend got mad because after a while everyone ended up splitting up and left him alone. I felt bad but I did what I wanted to do. He wanted to be with people because ut made him feel more relax vs my approach.

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