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Wow, thanks for all of the replies. It has never really been a "fight" between me and my fiance. We have had a few conversations, looking back saying 'maybe we shouldn't have done that'
And no, I am not directly involved, but we have just bought a house together, and all of our incomes are "our" money.
I would never become involved in it directly ( calling his brother) or anything like that.
My fiance is such a great guy, his brother's car had broke down, and he knew that he needed help.
You guys posed a good question-I am assuming that the truck is now registered in the brother's name, but I don't know for sure.
We do need the money and that is why it is an issue for us.
Even if the agreement was verbal and there was nothing signed ( I know, I know) is there anything we can do?
For me, I would just feel so guilty taking something and not paying for it, especially from a family member.

Talk to you soon

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