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Aug 16, 2004

i've been seeing this guy for a lil over 3 months. Heres my story

i was 14 and so was he when we met. Freshman in hs. he told me he fell in love with me at first sight but i was not the same.. busy w/ basketball i didnt want to have a bf. I told him maybe later, another time when im not busy we can get together if your not taken. From august to may he waited for me.. we started to go out may 6th 2004 a few days after my 15th bday and been together ever since. offered by other gurls he turned them down for me. We became extremely good friends.. and now i believe we love eachother so much. he told me he loved me and im the only thing that keeps him wanting to wake up everymorning. We talk forever and always with eachother. I messed up and lied to him about a really big thing.. and we almost broke up.. and i dont know why..(i would have dumped me if i did it to myself lol) and he still through the pain and thought of what happened he still desided to stay with me.. we love eachother so much and can do anything and say anything.. to eachother. we both feel like we will last a long time together and plan on forever. Do you believe its possible to be together real long and keep your love alive? (if it means anything Im a taurus and he is a sagatarious) sry for spelling.. which i know us two arnt supposed to get along so well be we do.. but both of us are stubborn as hell. lol

thanks :bouncing:

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