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Hi Sweetie - Welcome to my world of Hearing Loss! I too wear a hearing aid, have been for the past 7 years - Should have gotten them sooner but could not afford them. It has NEVER effected my "dating" in the past with my hearing loss nor now that I wear a hearing aid. I don't have any speech problems other then I may swear more then I should :)
I have never been embrassed by my hearing aid or hearing lost - frankly just frustarated that I couldn't hear well or that I didn't get the hearing aids sooner.

I even wear my hair up and show them off - People have been wonderful to me, don't get me wrong - I have had some male jerks, NONE that I have ever been the least bit interested in me poke fun at me - BUT, I managed to behave like a lady but still put them in their place for being rude :D

I have a wonderful, macho boyfriend who I am engaged to who could care less of my hearing aid or hearing lost. Not sure about you but I have a disease called Meniere's that effects my hearing loss, but with proper care and diet I can maintain any further lost.

Also, I want to add - many elder people who hate to wear hearing aids have come up to me and asked me questions about my hearing aid and I have encouraged them to GET THEM and how to properly use them (noise level).

PLEASE, don't let this effect you in how you feel or what others may think -
It's not worth it, but your HEARING is. Children too have asked me about my hearing aids and I have been honest and explained to them why I need them
you should see their faces when I speak to them - They become so caring and concerned for me.

Be proud of who your are, what a difference you can make in someone else's life, how you can encourage people who are shy about their hearing loss or wearing hearing aids. If a guy doesn't like you for YOU, Accept you for You and your hearing aids, he isn't the Guy for you.

BTW - isn't it great when flying on an airplane with all the noise or a baby crying - I take off my hearing aid and enjoy a quite plane ride. :cool:

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