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[QUOTE=LittleLostSoul]In response to love changing overnight...

SOLCITA makes some great points.

NO, "true love" absolutely DOES NOT change overnight, imho.
Though I think you two maybe had/have a lot of feelings for each other, i agree with SOLCITA that things perhaps weren't what you thought they were...

And she may not be dating anyone else. She might have had the usual "governor school fling." Not surprising. I think I'd be more surprised if she DID NOT form any affections for anyone while she was away.
We seek to form such securities when we are in new, insecure places.

I hate to say it, because it will probably only annoy you...but give things time! Awhile from now, you will sooo be over her if things aren't meant to be! In fact, when you find someone better you will thank god that things worked out the way they did and will have so much understanding, it will be enlightening!

Wow, I say a guy who is sensitive enough (at your age) to be posting about his relationship issues on a board like this is probably pretty special. I would be flattered that you cared so much. Perhaps I am in someways the pessimest, but I just didn't realize males your age took relationships quite so seriously. At least, I didn't have a whole lot of luck.
You've got a lot to offer, find someone who can recognize and appreciate! :)

P.S. You are clearly NOT a loser. If you were to ask me, (which nobody is, haha :D ) I would say she is a big, fat, juicy, puss-filled LOSER (even though she is behaving typically :eek: ).[/QUOTE]

if she is so typical and predictable, what can i expect from her? she already told me she wont call me anymore cuz she knows its going to hurt me(not because she doesnt want to talk to me but because i wont get over her). you said she is nothing special and dont let her convince me otherwise, but she is special.its not as easy as it sounds to leave her and let her go. its so weird thats she seems to be over me so fast and how i hurt so much. we both took eachothers virginity and did so much together for almost 2 years. all of a sudden she leaves for this governor school and comes back and breaks up. i feel like shes getting rid of me and not realizing that we did so much together. like she doesnt care about all that anymore. like she doesnt miss me .

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