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Weird situation
Aug 18, 2004
:confused: I met this girl 3-1/2 yrs ago and we had become exclusive but without the bf/gf label. We hung out together everyday from begining to end. We messed around for 3 years--no sex (i guess its one of those wait til mariage things--i can respect that). Ever since meeting her, i somewhat abandond my other friends. i still hang out with my friends but only once every week or two--not much. i adore the girl very much but the problem is that she keeps meeting new guys. Some of them she is attracted to and she feels that they could be potential bfs. It frightens me because she's calling not just me but other guys. instead of having her 100% i now have maybe 50% and its quite bothersome knowing i have to share time. For 3 years. i've been able to call her up on the phone and say "lets do something" and we did, there were no doubts that she would be unavailable. Now i have to wonder, which guy she'll be hanging out with tonight. Here's a weird twist--lately she's been wanting to spend the night with me more but this time we don't even mess around. She also changes her cloths in front of me a lot more than she used to. I don't quite get it. I've asked her to be my gf but she declines. One of her reasons is that she's afraid that i'll meet new girls this year at school but i've tried to assure her that i won't. This is the only girl i've been with. I should be the one thats scared, not her. she's the one meeting new people not me. In a way i feel that i'm being led on by her and its very hard to clear my head and think that we'll never be the same and to get over it. But there were a couple times where she felt a little horny and we went at it, but its funny how we only mess around when she wants to but when i want to she pushes me away. if i quit this, i have no one to fall back on. i'd be sitting around being lonely and my other friends aren't quite the greatest group of people to hang out with. help me please.

p.s. this makes me sad, confused, and depressed

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