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I can relate to your GF here. You have been only together for about a month and now you are talking with this new girl that wasn't a friend before. How would you feel if all of a sudden she started talking to a new guy alot and hung out with him?

This is minor compared to you not being in school. Maybe I got this wrong but you say you left school. Did you quit? If you quit you need to go back.

As for your GF I feel she has every right to be concerned....not jealous. You just met this girl and things are going rather quickly. You said you wouldn't do anything and you need to express that to her. You should take some time away from this new girl and give your time devoted to her. She is allowing you to see her which is good but dont abuse it where she may break up with you.
[QUOTE=elatedgiraffe]Maybe invite your girl-friend out with the two of you so your girlfriend can get to know her better.[/QUOTE]

Good idea, but the only problem I see with that and thier ages is that they can easily get jealous and may turn into a disaster. He would have to ask both though and make sure it was ok with them. This girl may be trying to ease her way into the relationship and has feelings for him that he doesn't know and if thats the case then let the "cat fight begin"......

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