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Scary and new
Aug 21, 2004
:confused: Hey, I am new at this and its kinda weird to see me post things like this even my husband said this was crazy for me to even be on this site, but i really need help see I have problems i am bi polar and odd(opsinital defiense disorder) and this really dont help my relationship see this causes me to be very angry and even mean at times. and my husband has the same problems but he also has add.. and the thing is wwe fight over little things but we make up in less then 5 min.. but see i also have to deal with the baby mamma drama deal. I am 19 years old and living the life of a older woman and im not complaining i chose this path. but i feel bad at times i just got over a misscariage in june and my husband has custady over his 4 year old(who i love to death) but she is always calling and before you say well yea she is his mother she dont call to talk to him she always asks for my husband eaither to ask for money or ask for a ride or some thing..dont worry my husband aint cheaten he never leaves without me... but she wont stay out of are lives and now shes even clammen her other kid is his...who may i add dont look nothing like him or his son..and the only reason she is doing this is because her and her bf broke up.. and he has exs callen here but allows me to yell at them..but makes me so jealous.. is it me or just because my heart is still scared from my prier relationships..I need help I dont want to lose my husband because of my mistakes!!!! any advice please???? :confused:

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