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[QUOTE=elatedgiraffe]I'll probably be set on fire for this one.... :rolleyes:

I think attraction is a major aspect of a relationship, especially in the beginning. One has to physically attracted to the other person in order to make it work. If she is chubby that is one thing, but if she is obese I see your point. I don't think it makes someone shallow to not date someone because of their appearance. It is a personal preference and if you can't get over it then I don't think it is worth investing time into it. You have to think whats more important and if you can deal with her weight. In the beginning i think it is very important that there is chemistry, emotional attraction, and physical all goes hand in hand. Appearance, or rather physical attraction is just as important as all the rest.[/QUOTE]

I completely agree with you, Elatedgiraffe. Attraction is a part of the package, like it or not. That doesn't mean the person has to look like a model, just that there has to be something attractive about him/her to us that makes us want to pursue the relationship further. Let's face it, not many men would be able to date a woman who looks like the obese character from "Shallow Hall." I don't think they should be blamed for it either. What's the point? I would not want to be with a guy who likes me only for my personality. What a joke. I want someone who would adore me and find me beautiful, as I'm sure overwheight women want as well. Love is not charity. Find the one you're really crazy about, otherwise it's just a waste of time.

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