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Here are some HUGS for you. :angel:

You have been given some wonderful advice from others here along with some of their own stories.

How hard it is to leave this man you love so much, who is the father of your son.
Remember this, you have choices, you have a choice to stay and a choice to leave.

If your boyfriend does not want to get help for his anger problems or doesn’t see them as you do – THEN you get the help you need to help you understand this is of NO FAULT Of yours, also to help you make that dreadful decision that I know you don’t want to make – this may be the end of your relationship with this man, you need guidance, support, direction, a positive environment, for yourself and your young son.

You tooked the first step in posting here and I’m sure from everyone’s response this is what you have expected to hear to leave him and leave him now.
No one should walk on eggshells in a relationships.

You need to start thinking of a way out – Get his money, pack your clothes and leave them at a friends or family’s house, prepare yourself for that moment when you just can’t deal with his bullying you, don’t fight back, don’t argue – you will lose, walk away, and when your strong enough but do it before any further physical harm is done to you.

Please keep us posted.

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