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[QUOTE=letfayhol]She doesn't know anything YET... The military is trying to locate her. The "word" is that she and my ex both thought that they were divorced and she also re-married and moved away.
Heck if I know... I only know what is told to me.
I did print out his on line DEERS though and she and her son are listed as dependants. I also contacted vital stats in that state and she is listed as HIS wife.
I don't know how people can re-marry and not get caught?
Shouldn't they have to PROVE they are divorced BEFORE getting a marriage license?
I might just write a letter to the editor of my local paper asking that exact question ;)[/QUOTE]

Yeah me too. I thought you had to supply some kind of documentation when applying for a marriage license(?) Here's another question: Can't he get into more trouble with the military for listing dependents that don't exist anymore? Wouldn't the Army make him pay back the money he received for them??? I will ask my husband when I get home from work tonight and see what he says. He will LOVE this story!

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