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Great posts all around here. Cookie, I thought your list of traits was right on, and Computris, I really hope everything works out for the best. As far as the original post, I don't want to sound dated, but I do think men like being taken care of, especially if you're a good cook :D . "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" is SO true--when I decide to cook for a guy they don't have a chance! After a great meal my BF looks at me with an even more loving look than after sex, which is saying A LOT! :) Men also like to take care of women, be given lots of compliments and affection, and it's important that they find their partner attractive (my BF says self-confidence counts for much more than any physical attributes). I agree with the poster who said attraction tends to be more important initally for men, and also with the poster who said that ultimately both sexes want the same things in a relationship--trust, kindness, consideration, support, good communication, patience, etc. Good question BTW to the poster who started this thread.

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