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oh ghee...i dont know where to really depressed and dont know what i should do. Whether i should dump my bf or not. Okay, please leave your sarcastic remarks or rude remarks to yourself, i just need someone's good advice. Your probably thinking im complaing over nothing, but to me, its really hurt me. So, heres the long story..short as i can put it! Okay, last night my bf went to this ballroom dancing thing, and he didnt even ask me to it, which his excuse was his family would annoy me or something, which i know they wouldnt...Than on top of other things, he tells me he was dancing with lots of chicks. And also on top of this, we write emails to eachother, but his cousin has been sneaking on and reading the emails, and my bf seems to do nothing about it..............i dont know what to do.....i personally think, it was very rude he didnt ask me, since like im his gf..wouldnt u think i would want to come, because he was going to be there, and also my bestie was going with her bf....Oh, i dont know what to think, im very disappointed and upset. I'm more upset than annoyed. Okay i didnt like him dancing with other chicks, also not asking me, was mainly the big thing...and than not doing anything about his cousin reading my emails, which they were actually for my bf to read. I talked to him about it, and he seemed really annoyed at me, and was giving me the cold shoulder...why is he giving me the cold shoulder, when i shuld be?..i told him how i felt about the whole situation, and he says to me "do you know what a relationship is"..i said "you tell me"..he said "its when 2 ppl trust eachother, care and love eachother"..and i said "yeah..well you can trust me, i just dont know if i can trust you". really upset as i think he doesnt care that im upset, like he didnt even seem to care, and usually when im sad he wuld say something like "i love you soo much"..or something like that..he didnt even say that to so depressed..but why??..i should be angry..and yes i am angry at him...he is giving me the cold shoulder, when i shuld be giving him the cold shoulder..Also i dont know if he cares about me, like he didnt even seem to care, that i was was really weird..I dont know, im thinking i shuld break up with him, but i need advice on this!!!!!...Me and him have been together for 3 months, if your wondering..and he is like the longest relationship. I dont know what is happening..between us??..can someone please help me..guys and girls advices..will be good..thanks :(

And at first i wasnt committed to falling in love, but he kept saying to me he loved me, and i eventually fell in love with him. I just dont know whats happening...:(:(:(:(:(:(

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