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OH Sophia, as Hoop said you are intelligent woman but it doesn’t matter how smart we woman are when we’re attracted to someone or there isn’t someone in our life to fill the void of an exboyfriend that we still have the hots for.
We tend to read into everything they say. He has given you Words, lots of words and you are here trying to figure out: the in between meaning of his words.

Thank God for these boards. MY ex boyfriend sounds something like your ex-boyfriend.

I was told I would be the Perfect Wife for him – BY HIM, but he was not ready to settle down – I fell for it, I went on to “show” him what a wonderful match we were, how I could be that perfect wife for him, blah blah blah – deep down I knew he was just playing me, but there was that little “hope” that maybe he was telling the truth –
I was lonely, I was tired of the bull of dating, I knew him well, I was so comfortable with him, I made myself believe I could make HIM fall for me, change his thinking, I went as far to tell close friends – this is it – I’m going to Marry “B” - It was just all words he gave meand it wasn’t just to get me in bed with him, it was to FILL his VOID of loneliness while he still played the field behind my back – I was safe for him and he was safe for me.

You ex-boyfriend is telling you how he feels but still wants to spend time with you so he is not alone while he searches for his meaning of Life, Maybe he chose you because he knew you were available and it brings him back to a time in his life where life wasn’t so
CONFUSING for him? Well, what about you? Your not confused about your life, you are headed in the direction you set out for yourself. This man who is confused about himself has now entered back into your life to confuse you.

I wish I could tell you it will work out for the two of you but we won’t know that and neither will you.

If you want to date him to kill time / keep your guard up. If you can’t handle what may happen then don’t see him. Hey, you can always give him the same line – your confused to where this new relationship is heading. Hope this helps.

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