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I work as a sales associate at a small, locally owned store. There are only three employees - the owner, the general manager, and me. The owner hasn't been coming in very often because he owns another business that keeps him pretty busy. He works the whole day on Saturday, along with me. He's usually very professional and treats us both fairly. The manager, who has been working here longer than me warned me that he is sometimes flirtacious with employees, but I didn't think much of that since he's always been professional with me. Well, this past Saturday he had been talking on the phone to one of his friends about an auction he was going to later at a pub he frequently goes to. Later, I was doing some paperwork, and he came up to me and said "You probably don't like to drink beer, do you?" I wasn't sure what to make of this, if it was a trick question or something, so I replied, "No, not really." He goes on to talk about the pub, says it's a nice place to go, etc. Then he asks if I like to play bingo, I say no and mention that my grandma does. He says "you might mention the Bingo night to her," or something like that, and walks off to change a light bulb. I thought it was kind of an odd conversation since he usually doesn't talk to me much at work unless it's work-related, but I just went about my business until later... I was with a customer answering some routine questions. I started thinking about unpleasant stuff I had to do later and must've started frowning because he mentioned I looked unhappy and said I must not have any fun in here. My boss right then came up behind me and said "Hey, I asked her if she wanted to go drinking with me later, but she said no!" :eek: The customer kind of laughed and then left soon after as it was getting time to close.

I've always been kind of naive when it comes to men and relationships, and usually have to be told "Hey he likes you, silly!" before I get that the guy is "interested" - I thought that my boss may have been trying to be sociable, and since he's from the South he and his brothers are a lot more open and blunt than most people around here. I'm only 23 and haven't been working very long, so I don't know if this is something that happens a lot or how I should react to it. This man is married and his wife is really devoted to him - she calls him a lot to "check up on him" so maybe she has a really good reason for calling, lol. I just feel kind of weird about this - he has asked my boss, the part-time temp (who is no longer with us) and I if we wanted to attend a fundraiser barbeque for a club he's in, but that was a little different since we were all there at once and the store was busy at the time. I like my boss and he IS good-looking, but I've never thought about pursuing anything with him since he's older than me and married (and my BOSS). I intend on staying at this business for awhile and want to stay friendly with him - don't want things to be awkward. I just don't know if I should ignore this or mention it to the manager and see what she thinks, or what... :confused:

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