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Re: What to do?
Sep 2, 2004
Dear Moonstruckgrl--take it from Vintagegirl--what you experienced was not love, it was a connection. After being in a boring marriage for awhile, (which can be very lonely) this connection felt like heaven to you. The way you described the kiss itself, before the sex, was heaven to you. But it was'nt love. Even though I don't agree with what *you* did, I am more disgusted at him. You opened up about some of your relationship problems, and he saw an opportunity to sleep with you. Interesting how your marriage was'nt an issue as you were both taking each other's clothes off, but it suddenly became one a few days later when he realized that you did'nt want to be treated as a one night stand. I get such a kick out of these guys...they go after and sleep with the EXACT type of emotionally needy girls that they are trying to avoid. Their own low self esteem would be a turn off to any woman with a brain. Moonstruckgrl, find a way to afford the apartment you love, since you seem to love it more than your husband, then get out of your marriage and surround yourself with a network of decent people. At least the latter will make it harder for you to fall prey to snakes like the one you just met.

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