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[QUOTE=Music4All]Any person, man or women, that expresses such dire need to be with another shows great potential to be big trouble. You don't want a clinging person that cannot be happy unless you are with them all the time. This always turns into trouble down the road. If you are young and a long ways from a long term serious relationship, you can play along and see what develops. If you are of an age where you are considering a future with this girl, her needy, clingy behaviors are very big red flags. Proceed with eyes wide open. There is no long term value in having a person obsess over you.[/QUOTE]

I agree. Reading your post Rozzo, really sent up some red flags in my opinion. I don't want to pretend I know Flo, but from what I read she seems to be a bit needy, and perhaps lacks from a low self esteem. Oh, and I wouldn't worry too much about the phone conversation thing...I know many guys (myself included) that really struggle with phone conversations. I had a girlfriend once that when she was at college she'd call me (or I'd call her) every night and those conversations really stunk... it didn't mean that our relationship was bad, I'm just not what you'd call a phone person!

Be careful with this girl. To me she sounds like potential trouble.

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