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Thankyou for all of your replies.
I was just in a bad mood last night... lacking sleep.

- we are both 20 year olds.

He is at a soccer game until late thisafternoon.. but then I will be sure to discuss things... because I would really like to know.
I guess this is the first time I have felt things were so unstable. I don't know what he is thinking, but then he always calls, which suggests that he does like me. And I don't expect him to not do the things he wants... just I don't want him to call and say he will see me later on and then not turn up. I would rather he didn't call at all.

I am just at the stage where I need to know what could be happening for the rest of the year.

I am in Australia, so the fact that we don't date seems '[I]normal'[/I] to me. I'm not sure that it is. :) But the majority of people here don't seem to date straight off. They just meet one time and after a few weeks you discuss 'what [I]we [/I] are' and go on from there.
One of his friends told me after not long that he had been calling me his girlfriend, which was kind of a shock to me then. But if I do go out with him he always introduces me as his girlfriend to his friends.. so I don't know.
I think he is just not very experienced in having a girlfriend so he doesn't know common courtesy. :rolleyes:

But I admit I am just as bad. I know it seems weird that I rarely ever call him. I just expect his call at around 6pm.
Initially, I didn't call because I never knew when he would be awake or asleep and I didn't want to wake him.

I was going to ask him to go to see a movie yesterday, which we both wanted to see back in June or whenever but it had left the cinema here and has now returned for a short time, however, he mentioned he didn't have any money prior to me being able to ask... so, I thought I wouldn't ask.

The sleeping until late thing does kind of bother me. Sometimes he wakes up and goes to some lectures for a couple of hours and then goes back to sleep. That is just what he is like. When we first met he was staying up watching the european soccer competition, which was on from 2am until 7am every morning for about 10 days or so. He loves soccer so I thought that was why he slept weird hours... but it is like that all the time. :eek:
I don't think he drinks all that much when he goes out. He mainly just goes to socialise... but I sometimes think he could spend one night with me.
He always asks me to join him out, but I am very over partying more than once per week.. at the most. I get too tired. :o

I know we have been boyfriend/girlfriend in the past. I just don't know whether he has thought about whether that is what he truely wants. Or whether it is what he wants more.
I am pretty sure we are not just friends. We haven't ever done anything sexual, which seems strange to me. But I see that as more of an indication that he does respect me. When he comes over I know he is not expecting anything to happen anymore.

[QUOTE=Hoop] It may be that at this point, he also senses you are not interested in serious relationship with him as well but may not realize your reasons for it.[/QUOTE]

This is what I am worried about. But I don't want to hint that I like him too much or he may not like that.
I will explain my reasons for not calling him, etc and tell him I have some feelings and that I want to know what his intentions are now, rather than later, so I can know how to feel. I am at a point where I need to make a decision.. and really it is up to him, because I know that I like him. I just need to know what he is feeling.

I will let you know later on when I find out. :)

I think things will be ok. Last night I was in one of those moods where everything seems to be going wrong.

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