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[QUOTE=59B3aUtyqU33n59]I felt insecure with my ex, he would keep going out and wouldnt ask me. And he was always around girls, so i didnt know what to expect. But he broke up with me, with the "trust" thing, i trusted him jus not the girls he was around. It was a lame excuse. Anwyay long story short, we've been broken up for a week now and he has already asked someone else out and they r going out. Can someone please tell me, why??....When me and him were together, he always said he loved me and would love me forever and, i was his soulmate and all that stuff. And he would want to stay with me until the day he died. All sweet things, i believed everything he said. Well things have changed obviously, coz he broke up with me..Why is he going out with this other chick?..Like honestly, i see myself much better looking than her. She is like 2 x my size..and i want to know why he is doing this. It hurts me soo much, but i just put a happy face and just jump around pretending to be happy, it hurts me soo much like in soo much pain inside..i loved him sooo much.. Me and him had gone out for 3 months and he was a yr older than me. I want to know why he is doing this to me!?!..everything he said was a so upsets me..[/QUOTE]

Hey 59B, I see you haven't been back since your original post. Hope the first response to your post didn't hit you too hard. Please respond to let us know you're around and still with us. First of all, let me just say, it seems to me that this guy trapsing off to go dancing with other girls didn't really deserve your trust. Him telling you that you're not trusting him was the reason he left you is cow puckies. Did he really mean it when he said he loved you? I don't know, but the odds are against it. Most 17 year old boys are only after sex, and they will lie through their teeth and tell a girl anything in the world to get it, and they won't feel the least little bit bad about it. That's just how some young men are. It seems unreal, but they can be unbelievably heartless, cold, selfish creatures. Have you heard stories about clubs some boys form, sex "posses?" where they rack up "points" by having sex with girls and the more girls they sleep with the more points, and ugly girls are less points than pretty girls, etc. etc. It's awful, but true, some young men have no problem treating young girls like nothing more than hunks of meat. Their minds can't even wrap around the concept of love until much later in life. A boy that flirts and dances and messes with other girls and doesn't care how you feel about it is most likely a guy who never really had any true feelings for you. please don't blame yourself. And PLEASE don't go begging this jerk for forgiveness. Any boy who really cared about you would not dump you just for saying you're not sure you can trust him. And as far as his new girl not being as cute as you, it's confusing but I've learned that there's more to it than just cute. Men are attracted to good looks, but it's not always what makes them stay. Yet, when a gorgeous girl walks by, watch them galk right in front of you! and they say WE don't know what WE want!! Anyway, chances are he's got plans to hurt her as much as he hurt you, so she is no one to envy.

Anyway, sweetie, I know it hurts like the devil. You can't believe anything in the world could possibly hurt this badly. Like someone kicked you in the gut and stomped on your chest, and the tears come in uncontrollable waves, like nausea. Been there. But I'm sure it will get better. As much as it hurts, you just need to chalk it up to experience, and lessons learned, and try to figure out what you can learn from this experience so you can apply the wisdom to your next relationship. Chin up, and good luck to you sweetie. Check in and let us know how you're feeling.

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