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Re: Trust issues
Sep 10, 2004
I was like that too with my ex boyfriend of 3 months. Trust takes time, obviously her trust has been broken before, so you can either wait for her to fully trust you or you just give up (like my ex did and broke up with me, which there is more behind it..i know). But if you really do love her, than you will wait for her, i know how it feels being insecure and not trusting, i was like that. Well that was because he would always hang out with chicks, which liked him, this was after schooll and he never invited me. So of course i felt insecure and everything. And with you looking at other chicks, shame on you! You've got a gf to stare at, now she obviously feels threatened that u think those group of chicks were better looking than her, you have to tell her that you reckon she is the most best looking chick, just give her compliments to make her feel happy about herself, and than she'll know what you mean to her. Hope i helped..ghee i probably didnt, since im a 16 yr old and i dont know what im talking about..yadda yadda

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