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Is this unfair?
Sep 10, 2004
Hi:) I posted a thread a few days ago here and now I have another big problem. Okay, my boyfriend of 3 yrs. off and on broke up again because he's in the military and took off for awhile again. This time out of the country so we decided to take a break but still decided we wanted to be back together when he comes back next year. and now he's back with his ex girlfriend he met in another state when he went to his first school. Like I said, we were off and on, and during that time I dated a couple people (almost 2 yrs. ago) and he had a relationship with this girl. Well eventually we got back together and he promised me this other girl was only a good friend and he didn't want to be with her like that anymore. I trusted him and I'm sure at the time he was being honest because we were back together I was all he wanted. So when he took off for the other country he left on a note that there is still a good chance for us, and out of nowhere he gets back with his other ex he hasn't seen in a long time. He has no idea how much he has broken my heart and I told him that if he continues a relationship with this girl I can't be his friend at all. It's for my own sake I think because it would hurt too much. He started crying when I told him that becasue he said no matter what I was always his best friend and he wants so bad for me to still be best friends no matter what, but I just can't. This guy basically pushed me to the side with no warning and he's made me feel like crap, and I guess that's where my selfishness comes in. I just want to know if anyone else has been in this sort of situation and how they dealt with it and I want to know if anyone thinks I'm being unfair and what I should do. Thanks for any help. I appreciate it:)

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