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Hi Betty,

This is a tough one--it does sound like you two have a better relationship than he does with his GF. But I can also understand why you resent being the "other woman," and I think you are right to be wary. From what I have seen, when one relationship starts before another has finished, there is a much greater chance of the person who left his last SO leaving the new SO for someone else. Most people who do this once tend to make it a pattern; after all it is easier to leave a relationship when you have someone else ready and waiting to fill that void. Generally for a relationship to have a fair chance, both people should be unattached both literally and emotionally for at least a few months. I'd keep this all in mind, but it doesn't necessarily mean it can't work--there have also been examples to the contrary. Good luck, but please be careful with your emotions. If you doubt he is going to leave his GF, it may be easier to cut things off all together than to wait around not getting what you want from him.

Take care,

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