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First let me say that I know the pain you are feeling, except that your situation is a little different. My ex-bf called it off after 5 years, but it was a painful break-up, least I can say is that we dont speak at all! Like the next day he had a new girl and she moved in with him and everything. I, too felt sick to my stomach thinking about the things they were doing and the pain never left my mind. It was the hardest thing that I ever had to go through, but I got through it. I am now happy to be rid of him and I have a new bf who is better than him in every way.
Sorry, enough about me. Question, do you two go to the same college? Do you see her, like everyday? If that is the case, I really feel for you, that would be hard to see her often and not be with her. If you two broke up bc of the distance, but you are at the same college, there must be more reasons you broke up. If you guys are at the same college it can work out. My bf and I both go to college and it is hard to not see him as much, seeings that during the summer I was with him everyday, but it can work.
If you two are not at the same college and it is like a long-distance thing, I hate to say this, but maybe you are better off not being together. I know that it is hard, but trying to maintain a long-distance relationship is really hard.
Try not to think too much about what she is doing, focus on school, friends, family and anything that will take your mind off her. I know that when my ex broke up with me, I didnt focus on school and I really paid for it, when I did bad in all my classes. Dont do that to yourself. It will be ok, have faith and know that you are not alone.

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