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When I was in high school and college, I was one of those good girls who had their little hearts broken by guys she thought liked them, but the guys gave them the cold shoulder when they wouldn’t put out. After a few painful experiences, I started to really dislike those “party boy” “male ho” types. I mean, I could be friends with them, but I’d never date them. I tried to ignore the one who were just pigs – the type who cheat on their girlfriends, treat girls like dirt, etc. I’ve always made it a point to try to avoid people like that. Well, I’ve been with my boyfriend for just under a year and I love him very much, but through the time we’ve spent together, I’ve found out that he’s had a “past” himself. I don’t know to what extreme, but he seems like he was one of those guys I’d never touch with a 10 foot pole – the one-night stand /casual sex type. Now, I’m trying really hard to not judge someone based on their past, and he’s almost perfect for me besides that fact, so I suck it up and try to forget about his past and look at the person he is now. However, when he gets drunk, he becomes almost a completely different person….like he reverts back to his former self a little bit and he becomes all cocky and kinda rude, especially when he’s around his friends. His friends worry me too, b/c they’re a buncha of dirty guys. For example, 2 of his friends went home w/ some girl they met at the bar we were at this past weekend and “tag teamed her.” I mean, these guys are reeeeeealllly dirty. I don’t know, but it all kinda freaks me out a little and I worry about him when he goes “out with the guys” because he is so different drunk and especially around them. I’m just kinda freaked out right now, and I guess b/c I was such a “good girl” who made it a point to avoid guys like that, it’s hard for me to forget his past and accept his friends. This is probably wrong, but in a way, I guess I’ve always looked down on those male-ho guys – the guys whose lives revolve around getting drunk and finding some random girl to hook up with. I’m very nice and friendly towards them though, b/c they are his friends. (Oh, and since you’re probably wondering what I mean by “good girl…..” beyond kissing…I can count the guys that I’ve messed around with on my hands. I’ve only slept with 2 guys including my current bf.) Any observations, advice, comments, or people who’ve been in similar situations would help me out. Thanks!

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