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[QUOTE=scarlett_]I'd just like some advice from anyone on how to handle this situation... I just have that feeling of frustration from not knowing what to do! I'll keep the post as short as possible!

Boyfriend and I have been together 2 years (minus a 4 month break). At the very beginning I used to be very insecure and jealous. I got over that and I'm totally way more relaxed than I used to be. Even to the point where he's more jealous now! Anyhow he's going away for a week with a few friends from work. I've two problems with it and we've had two arguments over it. The first one is to do with will he or won't he cheat. My reasoning on this one is that I trust him at home but things are different when you're abroad. Plus most of the girls are single. My second problem is the way he broke the news to me about it. He tried to tell me how awful the holiday would be without me. It was so, so false the way he was saying it. I mean, why go on the bloody thing if it's gonna be so awful? I suppose I just felt angry with that.

I just don't know what to think of it all. I trust him 100% here, in fact he's out right now celebrating a friend's birthday and there's no sign of the green eyed monster! I just think all that drinking, bonding, seeing each other in skimpy clothing, living together and being in a relaxed atmosphere ain't good![/QUOTE]
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coming from a guy. first of all how old is he. If he young not married and is the party type I hate to tell you this but he is going to play around. if they are going to celebrate possibaly go drinking. I don't know how he is but when I was out clubing and had a girlfriend, I was always tempted and if I had the opportunity I would take the challenge. why didn't he take you? I don't know you or him so you don't have to take my advice serious. but that crap about the holiday being awful. I don't buy it. Sorry!!!!

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