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[QUOTE=scarlett_]Thanks. I really needed someone else's opinion on this. He's not an open person and doesn't like to talk things through much.[/QUOTE]

I pulled up an old post in the boards and you can see it at the top. It may or may not help but I am afraid to day just trying is the only remady to make someone talk. You dont want to preach them out but talk calmly and give comfort and hopefully things may turn.

Actually now that I think of it part of my insecurity is to do with alcohol. He likes to drink. Apart from the occasional drink I don'd drink because of health problems. I guess I feel that he thinks I'm boring because I don't drink much and make up for it with these guys and whatever...[/QUOTE]

Its insecurity all together. You are having these thoughts because you cant trust him 100%. Something deep down says that this isn't the whole story and you need more info to comfort you stress levels. I dont know how much more he can say but maybe you can talk to his boss? I wish I ould offer more relief but insecurity is something only one person can handle.

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