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Ughh,Ive had it!!!
Sep 20, 2004
What am I supposed to do?!...My boyfriend of 1 yr has broken up w/ me because "I need to take care of myself first,I am not ready for a relationship right now"..We were friends first,and then started a relationship 4 yrs later..He has basically been all Ive had in my life(besides family) for the past 5 yrs!!..I met him about a few months after my EX of 3 and a half yrs broke up w/ me,I took it pretty bad & he was there for me through it all.We remained best friends & he eventually fell in love w/ me-tried to persue me.At first,I wasnt interested bc at the time the only thing I wanted to do was to go out & party & hook up w/ guys.I finally had my freedom after a 3 & 1/2 yr relationship,so I took advantage of that.I was 18 when I met my current boyfriend through the Internet.He stuck by me through alll the bad times I was having and remained supportive.During the 4 yrs,he persued me time & time again,finally coming to the point of making me choose between him & some guy I was dating at the time,in fear of losing him-I choose my current BF.We then started going out & everything was good at first,then I found out about 2 months after that I was sick,told him & he took it well.Fast foward 11 months later-and he is breaking up w/ me..He says what I need is a friend rather than a BF.You see,I have Hep C and am an alcoholic,along w/ that I have emotional issues-depression,social anxiety disorder etc.According to him,"my issues have become his issues" and 'he cant take it anymore,everything has been building up for the past 5 yrs' So he decided that the best thing to do is break up w/ me,so 'I can concentrate on getting better,mentally & physically"..He wants to see me changed 100% before he even THINKS about getting back w/ me.However,b/c of my anger issues,I cant seem to accept this,I am extremly upset over this & dont know what to do.I am PETRIFIED of not being able to change,and that will result in losing him forever..I am driving myself crazy w/ this that I feel like I am going to explode!!! :o Any advice?? Thankx in advance

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