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[QUOTE=bothered]Well, he met the woman online swapping music files, and has been chatting every day since. I've asked him a couple of times to let me look over his shoulder, but he refuses and says it's private. Whenever I get out of my seat to walk to the kitchen, etc., he minimizes his chat window. We've argued incessantly about this. He says it's totally innocent but refuses to let me see what they're chatting about. He says I'm overacting to a nonissue, but it sure is one hell of an issue for me. He met his ex-girlfriend chatting online and moved from another state to be with her.

One last insult... He says he talks to her because I leave him empty.
Ueah, I'm stupid, right?

Thanks to EVERYONE for the replies. You've helped me so much![/QUOTE]

This is the time to make a stand for yourself. He keeps doing this because you are letting him do it. You both argue but you dont unplug his computer. Next time you fight throw it back in his face and say "how would you like it if I did that". Tell him that you are willing to communicate but you can do it under these conditions. Give him the choice and see where that goes....he is showing no respect.

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