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Hey everyone:) Well ive got an issue, that I really don't know how to handle or what to do about. I met this guy a while back about 7 months ago, I met him on one of my modeling jobs, the first time that I met him, we started talking and all but nothing came of it. He asked me if I had wanted to hang out that night and I wasn't able to because I had to get back home that evening. Well When i got home I was relaly thinking about him. After a while I just gave up thinking about him and moved on, well sorta. Well as things would happen I got another job where he worked in another part of the state. He lives like 4 hours away from me. He recognized me right away and again we started talking. this time he got my phone number, with that, that same night he gave me a call at my hotel room and we talked for hours. I left for home again ( i didn't see him that night) but we did continue talking for five more months. Trying to make plans to hang out and see each other. Thats not a bad thing but He kept calling me his girlfriend, now mind your im 19 and i may sound childish but I really don't see how I could be someones gf with out ever seeing that person, only talking to them on the phone. Well we tried to meet up a few times but I alaywas had to cancel. NOw this weekend, I just got back yesterday i actually went up there for th efirst time to hang out with him. I was up there for two days.

I really and truly like this guy but the thing is, is that im not good with long distance relationships, and I doubt nay of my jobs will bring me up there any time soon, if any time at all. When I went there we ended up talking a lot and even kissed. And i was going up there telling myself I didnt' want to lead this guy on because it might hurt him or me, and I hate putting people in that situation. But of course I let the best of things get to me. I don't know what he considers me now only that he kept telling everyone we were dating. The thing is I seriously like this guy and it was hard, I kept telling myself that I shouldn't go up there because I didn't want to like him anymore then I had and I do. I haven't liked someone this much in a very long time and it hurts because Ok i lied I hae tried long distance rleationship and it turned to crap. It didn't work. I know it does with some but im seriously not the best person to be in one with. Im not avoiding him at all, I just don't know what to think or how to feel. Ive treid talkign to hima bout how he thinks we are dating and he just kinda is like well. " ya um, its hard to explain, you knwo what i mean?" he constantly seays that and really doesn't answer my question. I do'nt want to lead him on and have him thinking im his gf and IM not. Ive trid telling him were not and he just seems so happy that i do'nt want to say it anymore, but I don't want to be commited into something I know I won't be ver happy with iespecially if I can't se ehim at leat once or twice a week, the cost is just too much.. I guess what im trying to ask is how would someone deal with something liket his? HOw is it that I can want everything and nothing at the same time? I really like this guy, but i know how I am and i know i wouldn't deal well. Has anyone ever been in this situation? Ive been dealking with this a lot and its getting on my nerves!!! What is your advice? I really need help, i need help on what to hsay to him and just.. I guess calm me down a bit, because this is the frist guy i a long time I have really liked. And i know some might say "well if you like him so much then you know maybe it can work, you'll figure out a way, especially if it were meant to be." Id do that but i just have problems with it. I dunno im looking for any advice even if tahts your advice. Thanx in advance-chrys:)

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