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Hi snails :wave:

Everyone does deserve a chance into the future. That is why we let crimals out of jail to give that second chance. The same goes for relationships. The past is the past. I will say that I did get bothered some by my girlfriends past when we talked a while back but I come to realize that I am her present and future and she may not like what I did either.

I will say I never cheated but been suspected to. I seen first hand what it can do to a family and it sucks. I am glad to hear that you were able to include yourself as an example to cheating but you see the wrong doing. When people do something wrong they know its wrong but it doesn't stop them because thier mind says its ok.

Now, we both know its wrong no matter what. The past may have an effect on someone future like insecurity from a past cheating girlfriend or boyfriend but when you are the cheater and looking for a steady relationship then its time to change.

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