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He reminds me so much of my ex, not the recent one, but the one I mentioned that cheated on me. We were so connected and often talked marriage. I think his constant crying is because he knows you have ALL the control. You are able to make or break his day. When we feel someone pull away from us our natural reaction is to reach for it. You moved out and have stayed so strong through this. He cries everytime you leave and when you can't be "close" because he feels hes loosing you. So hes become clingy and despret. If you don't feel up to being "close" or go out with your friends his insecurities get his emotions running. I don't think its as much as a matter of immaturity as it is his insecurity. Sounds like he has low self-esteem and thats why he has reached out to other women when you were together. He needs to feel loved and validated and if hes not getting that 24/7 he'll go out and get it. He bases himself on how YOU feel about him. Hes not able to handle rejection well so he is terrified of loosing you.[/QUOTE]

So when/how did it end for you guys?

I do agree that he is very insecure. But what else can I possibly do to try and make him more secure? I just don't know what else to do! HOw can I make him realize he is making things so mcuh worse then they have to be?

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