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Sorry to say this, but this might be one of those "Chalk it up as a life experience" and move on. A mistake, painful as it may be, hopefully there is a lesson learned here.
I have made the same mistake. Was in a relationship that felt at the time could have been better. Broke it off and then months later thought I would die if I couldn't have him back.
I tried to talk to him and tried my hardest to win back his love. It didn't work. He told me I broke his heart to the point of no return, and wouldn't take the chance of loving me again. I thought I was gonna die.
I think one of your issues here is that there are two additional people involved: Your new boyfriend and his new girlfriend. You could hurt both of them as well. Plus, your ex has moved and lives on the other side of the state which will make dating difficult.
If you can't stand being without him, let him know how you feel and see what he says. Just remember to be prepared for his response. If he is interested in taking another shot at it, there will be two other people that will be affected. If he is not interested, you will be devestated but at least you will know where he stands. Tough position to be in,,,,,

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