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I realize now that I do this,its like I look for things to argue about,especially when he is about to leave somewhere or when he is about to drop me off at home and go and do something.He asks me why I start fights and I say I dont and then I bring something up.My boyfriend and I dont really have anything to fight about,we mostly have disagreements but who doesnt? The thing is,I dont know how to seperate a the two.I think in my mind that you cant disagree without a fight and I know thats wrong.Iam also a very defensive,stubborn person and my boyfriend is the exact same.Him and I opposites when it comes to other things but when it comes to that we are the exact same.He says one thing in a sarcstic tone and Im on the defense.We laugh about the fact that we do that after we do it but we still always seem to do it.I also have this thing and I dont know why I do and I have spent many nights wondering why I think like this but I always think he doesnt care.He could do ten of the sweetest most sincere things for me and one thing that made me do "hmmmm...what does that mean?" and thats all I will focus on,nevermind all the nice things,I only focus,more like obsess about that thing that left me confused.When we first got together I explained to him that I wanted to remain my own person and not just half of a couple and he agreed and we did that but now I feel sad when Im not around him and I dont really want to hang out with my friends that much.Its like no matter what he does I wont be happy.I have reliazed this and I know that its not his fault Iam unhappy and that it is [B]something in me that is missing and not something in us that is missing[/B] How can I seperate the two? My boyfriend is good to me but I know that Im making him feel like hes not doing a good enough job.

What should I do? This is hard on me and harder on him..please help

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