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[QUOTE=babe1973]Thank you all for your support. It feels good to be heard. But I never said that I imagined myself living with him.I said before that it was impossible. He even told me that he didn't want to be reponsible of breaking my relation with my family because he cared too much for me. I keep telling him that they might be a way, but he says no. He did say that things would have been different if we were not relatives. And I do believe that. He says that I am a blessing for him, and that no ther woman has looked at him and talked to him the way I do. We love every second we spend together. He loves me, he said it. Too many issues come in the way though. He is wise, :rolleyes: I am a dreamer. :angel:[/QUOTE]

Sorry for the piecemeal posts,but I'm coming in late on this one, and am reading through the posts in sort of random order. But first I must say, it's hard for me to see a married man who sleeps with his wife's 20-years-younger cousin as wise. You say you both know your affair is a dead end and would be harmful to many involved, yet you still speak of it in present tense: "We LOVE every second we SPEND together," instead of LOVED every second we SPENT together. If you both know it's a dead end and no good, why continue it? Why not just end it, never be dwith each other again, and get on with your life? Your feelings for this man are obviously so strong, and it only makes sense that the more time you spend with him, the stronger they will get, and the harder it will be to even think about other men or want to be without him. I would just hate to see you waste your youth on a man you can't ever have a real future with. I think you'd be wise to just cut this man out, cold turkey. I know these strong romantic emotions can sweep you away, but if you look at the situation with objective, rational eyes, you'll be able to see what we all see.

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