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I agree with the other posters that you feel this way probably because of your past programming. I love Hearlandguy's suggestion about making the comfort list! Bad experiences in previous relationships can make you feel very insecure and make you doubt your ability to be in a great relationship. You mentioned kids--are these kids yours from a previous marriage, or are they with your current boyfriend?

Maybe like Ruth said, once you both take the leap and make the commitment of marriage, your insecurities will disappear? I definitely can relate to what Ruth said. I think at this point I don't really believe that I can meet a guy who will stay with me and actually marry me. I think if I ever got to the point of standing in the church and saw my future husband at the back of a church, I would get a heart attack and drop dead on the spot LOL. (but at least I wouldn't die an old maid! :bouncing: ). Or I would start pinching myself because I would think it must be only a dream. Sad but true, and it's all because of past relationships that I have this "programming" that says "watch out, men never stick around."

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