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OK.. how to begin this on July 30th, I got myself into a serious automobile accident. Fell asleep at the wheel hit a tree and its a miracle that i'm alive. While i was at the hospital my girlfriend was there everyday for me even though at the time we were taking a break from the relationship. As i got a little better at the hospital i told her how much i loved her and because of what happened to me i wanted to be back together and she said yes. After saying yes to being back together she's been acting a little weird but in a way she isnt. She's always telling me I love you to me coming to visit me alot, but in a way i feel she's with me because of pity. She goes out with her friends clubbing while i was in the hospital and still continues to go clubbing while i'm home with a broken leg. I worry because i feel she loves me but isnt in love with me. I ask her questions about us and she doesnt really answer my questions. She always says i need to worry about me and not the relationship at this time. I worry about the relationship because i'm like head over heels in love with her because she showed me that she cared alot about me for being there everyday while in the hospital which was 6 weeks.
But now that i'm home i get her for like 2hr visits every other day. sorry i should of said that we dont live together. phone convo's are getting slimmer too. At the club while i was in the hospital i was told she was dancing with an ex-bf that cheated on her, and she wont pick up her cell phone when some guy calls her while she's around me. I dont know what to think because i'm home all the time, and i dont know what goes through her mind. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP TO EASE MY MIND. THANK YOU

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