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Okay heres the deal I have been with my boyfriend for 6 months and everything is great we love each other very much, hes amazing with my two daughters they totally love him. He is everything I want in a guy to me hes perfect.
I had to move in with my mom about a month 1/2 ago (but in two weeks I will be moving out again so Im not a total loser). Anyway at my moms house theres my mom my sister steph 21, sister sandy 20 and morgan ? shes sandys girlfriend. Until we moved in my family hated my boyfriend but now they are totally cool with him. My sister steph and him hang out all the time when I'm at work which is from 6pm - 5am f-m so that 4 nights they get to hang out together they usually watch movies.
I know this sounds stupid but I am jealous of my sister hanging out with my boyfriend I have told my boyfriend how I feel and thinks that I am acting childish but I cant help it he sees her more than me and it does bother me.
They even go on drives together and I hate that the most.
And right now I am at work its 12:30am and I havnt heard from him everynight at about 10:30 - 11:30 he gets online at home and chats with me. So to me he finds hanging out with steph to be a higher priority than chatting with me even if it was to just tell me how things are going.

Am I really out of line to feel the way I do it is a good thing that my family likes him but I hate that steph and him get along so well. They do things together that I dont get the opportunity to do with him becuase of work and my children.

Does anyone have any advise to help me with this? I know hes not doing anything with her I trust both of them thats not at all what this is about. But I need someone to shed some light on helping me not feel so jealous of my sister.
Thanks Robyn
ummm :confused: Wow.............. :confused:

Reading your post, and shaking my head :rolleyes:
OK, your Question is : I'm jealous for no reason right? :confused:
JEALOUS, how about pissed off?

Your off a work, making a living and your sweetheart of a boyfriend is snuggling on the couch with your sister? Ummm, exuse me? HOW hold is this boyfriend of yours? DOES HE WORK? What is up with him? Takes your sister up for a ride to the mountains? RIDES around with her? HELLO, does he not have any friends? OH, sure he must have friends to tell them how his sweet girlfriend is at work and he's hanging or living :confused: at her mom's house and couching it with her sister? Your mom thinks this is cute? Alright, I know you didn't say your mom thought is was cute - but, HEY - she thinks it funny?

I find NO humor in this, I find no Reason your boyfriend should be ON THE couch hanging with your sister, sisters, mother, or whomever...

That sweet Breakfast Mountain ride you tooked that you feel guillty for spoiling the "mood" - You should have sholved him off a cliff.....

You asked about Jealous, sorry - I find this so wrong - The only snuggling this boy should be doing is WITH YOU not your sister, the only Scenic drives or any drives should be WITH YOU...Does he want a Sister Act or a Girlfriend?

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