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My boyfriend is changing right before my eyes! When we first started dating, he was so sweet and open minded. Well, now he's become a different person. We fight about everything. For example, I have guy friends. Not a lot, but a few. These aren't just guys I met at a bar or anything, these have been life-long friends of mine who have stuck by me no matter what. All of a sudden, he has a huge problem with them and freaks out when I'm with them. Also, we always have to do exactly what he wants to, or he throws a HUGE fit. Everything from what we watch on tv to where we eat dinner is controlled by him. If I ever do get him to do something that I want, he acts miserable the entire time. He's also told me that he doesn't want me to be spoiled, so he needs to "make a point" to not let me get my way. ***?! The more I write the more surprised I'm getting at myself. Plus, I think he's prejudice against women. He been making little comments like "thats a women job" or "guests should always ask the man of the house for permission to do something". Anyway, it's just a bunch of little things like that. Every time I try to talk things out with him, he gets angry and starts yelling or kicks me out of his house. Advice would be appreciated.

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