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Yes I agree with you and I dont like feeling this was and being as if i dont trust him....bad bad thought get outta my head!!!!!

She is soo nice and she is commited to her bf....they live together and plan to get married and have kids....we talk all the time about my insecurities and she give me great advice cause her ex-fiance cheated on she is very strong and has given me wise advice....BUT

At the same time my bf is such a good catch who wouldnt want to be/do anythign with him...he is the best! That what I think and I think eveyone is thinking like me...ohhh what a great guy I want Think why would he ruin a goof friendship with him friend....and the best friends gf....and ruin what he has with me...not to mention if he ever did anything the that what his family would think as his family cares for me.....just ranting and thinking outloud i guess u could say...its helping...and so are u as usual eightball!

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