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Hi maggiek-
I know what you mean about these "situations" that pop up...Unfortunately, I think every relationship goes through these situations. :rolleyes: Heres what I think: As of now he probably is being sincere. This is his friend's ex, they are in school together, she asks about his racing and he thinks she is his friend. I don't trust her though. Shes definately interested in him and if she has a child who she doesn't even know who the father is I have a bad feeling she'll be sexually advancing onto your boyfriend. I know thats not what you want to hear, but she calls him too much about stupid things for her to not have a thing for him.

Your boyfriend is going to have girls hit on him, whether it be Amanda or another girl. The true test is if he can resist and remain faithful to you.

I wouldn't pester him about it because that may actually bring them closer. He'll start going to her and telling her about YOUR relationship problems..then she'll make her move. It happens all the time.

My advice would be to answer the phone next time she calls. Make it known that you are his girlfriend. Maybe suggest to your boyfriend that you'd love to meet Amanda and if he wants to ever hang with her you'd like to come along..I think if you meet her you'll have an easier time figuring out her true intentions.

You could tell him not to talk to her and he may do it behind your back. Like eightball said you can't prevent someone from cheating.

I do know from firsthand experience that men and women can be just friends. Two guys were my best friends in college. Never did anything happen. I even found them attractive, but the friendship meant more.

Your boyfriend will find girls sexually attractive. Just as you find other guys hot. There will be sexual tension..its what one does with the "sexual tension" thats the issue.

I don't have a good feeling about this girl, BUT if your boyfriend is a good guy nothing will come of it. This is a true test of the relationship.

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