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Do I ask to much?
Oct 4, 2004
So, little back ground.... I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. We've had our ups, and we've had our downs, like any other relationship. But what we have more than anything is special, nothing really at all. He's quiet and reserved, I'm not, he's conservative I'm not. So were generally pretty oppisite, but we've always made it work.

In the past few monthes, we haven't been so great, and I take responibility for some things. We sat down and talked about what was wrong, and he said i didn't give him enough space, i called him too much, he had too much to do. So i stoped calling all the time, I've always encourged him to go out with his friends (even girls) and have a good time with out me, and were both in college and I've always had a thing about not letting our relationship affect my school work (relationsships don't always last, but diplomas do), so I try not to interupt his school work.

Now I've told him whats been bothing me, maybe not all the time, if i'm mad at him for not calling, i'm normally fine the next day, becasue I let go of things like that, I don't want a huge fight over something that really doesn't matter in the long run.

But heres the problem, hes still gets mad at me, because I apparently ask to much of him. If I'm lucky I see him 2 times a week, All i ask him to do is call me. I only get mad if i can't see him if we have plans (which we never do), and now I just want a little bit of affection, i'm not asking him to change his moral convictions, but it wouldn't kill him to put his arms around me when we go to a concert, or kiss more than just goodnight. But nows hes mad at me, because my ex came in from out of town (an hour and a half away) to see me,because its been over two years since we've seen each other, and we used to be best friends. But my mans mad because he and I went on a 30 min hike (it was FREE, there was nothing else to do) I was up front with my b/f about who I was with, he had other plans and couldn't see me, and he didn't ask what we did, and I would have, in fact i DID tell him what we did. and he keeps making me feel bad, about calling him too much, about being over bearing. and I'm pretty sure I'm the most lenieant girlfriend on the planet. all my friends keep telling me to dump him, but i do love him and our familys are very close and i realy thought we'd make it through all this

I feel like I should talk to him, and tell him that I'm unhappy and tell him what HE needs to start doing in order to make this work, I'm fed up with being the only person sacrificing anything, and I don't think I'm asking too much, I don't really ask him to do anything at all. Maybe I'm wrong, thats why I'm here, somebody please HELP! :confused:

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