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see the probelme with that is how long we've been dating, i know it sounds dumb, but when you date someone for so long you just can't imangie not being them, now the dumb part about that is after only a year and a half, it would feel weird, i wouldn't know what to do, lord knows what my or his parents would say, and this has kind of hapend before. around our 6 month mark, he puled the 'i'm not sure if this is working, i don't know if i really love you' and it was kinda outta no where, at least to me, it blindsided me completley, and i've never had a relationship last longer than 6 monthes, i have a six month curse, everybody i've ever dated broke up with me the week before we hit 6 monthes, and this guy tried the same, and i actually told him no, i said we can take a little break, we need to try and work things out, don't just leave we cannot break up.
its strange if you tell somebody no when they want to break up, it stops them.
but we worked through things, it was hard but we did it. his mom went crazy about it though, putting pictures of me everywhere around their house so he would see them, trying to get him to remember good times with me- that was after 6 monthes I don't know what she'd or my parents would do now-. and he told me later, that he was glad i was stuborn and didn't let him go, that it would have been a big mistake, and i'm afraid that maybe now i made the mistake. but maybe not trying to fix it again would be a mistake. I don't even know how to approach this with him, or what to say, or what i can say to tell him i want to fix things without having this whole thing relapse a few mothes from now like before. I'm going crazy :eek:

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