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[QUOTE=fallen leaf]Dazed and confused. I know her well enough that I know she wonít see my point and she will just say Iím being insecure. She always says that she has had guy friends since she was just a kid. That may be true but it doesnít help the way feeling. If she wonít respect my feelings and isnít willing to compromise then we will both have to move on. I know she wonít want to loose my love for her but in a relationship like this she canít have the best of both worlds.[/QUOTE]

I can see why you are struggling. The thing is if shes going to say you are being insecure and go about her way then is that really someone you want to share your life with? I know that you see it as a loss, but if she really cared about you she would not think its worth loosing you over other men. UNLESS these other men are more important than you and thats what it seems. Whats so great about a woman that puts other men before you? She maybe attractive and curvy, but shes also not respecting the relationship. Sounds like she enjoys being a free woman so let her be free. She'll have a hard time finding any man that would be okay with her male "companions". Sounds to me like you are a good guy that knows how to treat a woman so I doubt you'll have a hard time finding someone that wants to be with you, only you.

I'm not trying to be nosy, but rather figure out her intentions...what are you to her? Do you financial support her?

I'm not trying to be nosy, but rather figure out her intentions...what are you to her? Do you financial support her?[/QUOTE]

That is a great question....There has to be a reason why she is sticking aroung. It could be that she really does love him but to me there are to many "reg flags" that steer me off from thinking that. People in relationship work with eachother and not against. She knows his feelings to this but she continues to allow them to call a lot or even see them on business trips. My worries would be what is she doing meeting this guy? In reality there is not much one can do without crossing the boundry. You can go out for dinner (which is safe to me), a movie (potential red flag to me), or Going to his house (huge red flag to me).

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