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[QUOTE=Ruth6:11]Just my two cents worth:

There are some fairly heavy & balding guys out there who met & married their wives when they were thinner and had hair.

Most people are more insecure than you give them credit for. If a man senses that you will judge them on appearance they'll never even hit on you. And if you are the type that automatically rejects anyone based on appearance alone you also stand a better chance of being alone.

I met my husband (both of us never married and with no children) when I was 34. His physical appearance never entered into my judgement of him. He just happened to be the perfect guy for me! A hard worker, funny as all get out, honest, with values & integrity, a neat family, faithful & true-blue. Would I trade any of those for a boy-toy? No way!!!

In some ways I am vaguely offended when I hear the word "fatties" and yet I've always been fairly slender myself. Maybe it's the judgement that is inferred.
Maybe there are things you could do other than superficial cosmetic surgery to make your more attractive to more men?
A gentler kinder way of thinking of appearances?
I don't mean to be rude and rarely ever am so blunt (honest, ask anyone!) but there is thread running through your posts regarding appearance that I'm not sure you're even aware of.
Please forgive my heavy-handedness in my choice of words - but then, my Dad was bald at age 22 and I'm sure glad my Mom gave him the time of day - including four kids including me!!

Ruth has bringed some points here... there was a guy i very much fell in love with when i was in college who corresponded to me for a little while then he ditched me. He was thin then. I saw the guy after 8 years and he was overweight like I could never imagined but my heart pounded for him just as the same as when he was thin. I could marry him no matter if he is 300 pounds now. I guess thats why there is saying "you dont have a second chance to make a first impression"

Of all the guys that I have dated even the ones who lied in their profiles saying they were "athletic and toned" and then turn out to be 20 pounds heavier than in their pics they all have said me " I can't stand a heavy woman".
I remember my second steady boyfriend I ditched him because of his personality not for looks, he was very good looking. I believe it just is matter of balance. Looks as shallow as it may sound its the first thing one sees. It certainly not the most important but it counts, at least at first.

BTW ruth my exbf was balding...I did not cared for that.

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